Season 85 - Release Notes

(08:00 16-04-2022)
1. Full Transfer History

Up to now only the transfers of active athletes were shown your transfer history page. This of course doesn't represent your transfer activity properly, so we have implemented the following change:
From now on you will see the full history of all transfers having a transfer value of at least 1.000. We will now also show the selling or buying team instead of its manager in the "By/To" column .
Unfortunately, there are some cases where the data (name, nation) of your ex-athlete got lost. In these cases, you'll see a white flag and an empty name. It is not possible to bring this data back.

2. Equal Prize Money in Case of a Tie

If we have a tie in the league, then the points are averaged and distributed equally between all teams which are part of a tie. Unfortunately that didn't hold for the prize money so far. Also in other team competitions like unofficial meetings or club championships, the prize money wasn't split equally in case of a tie. Which team got the better and which team got the lesser prize money was randomly decided instead. Additionally, also randomly based, the positions in the final standings and the prize money didn't necessarily match in case of a tie which led to disappointment and confusion in the affected parties.

To avoid these irritations in future, from now on the prize money will be averaged and split equally in case of a tie between all teams that are part of the tie. This now holds for National League meetings, the Champions Cup, Club National Championships and unofficial meetings.

For example, let's look at an unofficial position-ranked C-type meeting with 14.400/ 6.000/ 3.600 prize money distribution. There are 5 participants, and the final result is:

Team A - 50 points
Team B - 25 points
Team C - 25 points
Team D - 25 points
Team E - 10 points

In this case, Team A gets 14.400, Team B, C and D get (6.000 + 3.600 + 0) / 3 = 3.200 each, and Team E gets nothing.

The development team