Game's guide

1 Introduction
Maxithlon is the first and only online game in which you lead an athletic club to glory trying to reach the highest club and individual results with your athletes. You have to manage the finances of your club and improve your athletes to allow them to reach the highest regional, national or international goals. But to do this, you will also have to take into account the technical limits of the athletes and to plan the season so that your athletes can fully achieve their potential.
1.1 Rules
First of all, we want to remind you that news, the guide and the entire website is translated in different languages but the only official languages are English and Italian.

In order to play Maxithlon you will need to follow some easy rules of behavior. We strongly believe that obtaining a competitive advantage by disobeying the rules is against the fundamental values of every real life or internet based game. Cheating will be prosecuted and punished with either a money sanction or a ban, depending on the seriousness of the case. The following list represents the fundamental rules of our game and we are asking you both to obey those rules and to inform the operators in case you notice violations by others using the Contact us page.
  1. You are not allowed to manage any other team besides your own, it doesn't matter if the team is owned by your relatives or your friends. You cannot even give your login information to someone, every account is strictly personal. Lack of compliance with this rule will be punishable with a ban.
  2. It is not allowed to aid other players in ways that may or may not involve money transfers. The most common scenarios under which this rule is applied is when, for example, someone overpays for a friend's athlete or there's a transfer between teams sharing an IP address.
  3. You can only register your team in the country you live in or in the country you are born.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to insult or to threaten other users and you may not use vulgar or blasphemous language. Uploading or discussing pornography or illegal activities is prohibited. This rules applies everywhere on the Maxithlon website including when you choose the name of your Club, Arena, Account, etc.
  5. It is forbidden to take advantage of bugs and you are not allowed to publically accuse other users of improper actions. You should use the Contact us form for any remark.
  6. If you were given a disciplinary measure you can only argue about that with the Staff using the appropriate forms. Explaining your case and discussing it publically it will only worsen your situation. All personal messages between you and the Staff is considered strictly confidential and you may not display it on or outside the Maxithlon website.
  7. "Spam" is forbidden. "Spam" means: to write the same message more than once, to use bumping (answering yourself only to give more visibility to the thread), to write messages that are not on topic in that thread, to advertise athletes and meetings outside the Announcements page, to request somebody to pay for your Maxitrainer and to advertise any kind of real commercial activity or object.
  8. It is forbidden to do any of the following when considering all of the materials and contents of Maxithlon:
  9. - to steal or to sabotage the contents of the website;
    - to come into possession of information not obtainable from the website;
    - to defraud in any way (ex: to try to find out another users' password).
  10. It's strictly forbidden to speak about politics and/or religion in any form (serious or not) and in every website's section. Our desire is to avoid all discussions based on these arguments that may lead off into verbal quarrels.
  11. Together with these rules, in each specific Federation the International Federations rules also apply.
If you violate the rules more than once you will face disciplinary measures increasing to the point of being banned.

As to every situation not explicitly ruled in this Policy, the Staff have the autonomy to use their discretion in order to preserve the fundamental values of Maxithlon.