Season 83 - Release Notes

(08:00 27-11-2021)
1. Hosting History on Candidacy Page

We have added a table to the Candidacy Page, which shows all official meetings you have hosted so far, so that you can now easily see when it is possible for you to apply again.
We have also added the press room requirements to the table along with the lighting requirements, so that you can see what you will need to apply for a certain type of championship. This table is now also available in the appendix of the guide.

2. Global Enrollment Bug Fix

If you have no athletes of a certain specialty, the old version of the Global Enrollment page showed you a dropdown menu for the attitude next to an empty field for all disciplines of that specialty. We have now removed these, in this case useless attitude dropdown menus, because they could make certain athletes start with the wrong attitude.

3. U21 Relay Invitation Bug Fix

We have fixed a bug where too few invitations for the World and Continental U21 Championships were sent to the U21 relays. This fix was already active when the invitations to the last World U21 Championship were sent.

The development team