Season 87 - Release Notes

(08:00 03-09-2022)
Automatic League Filling

Over the last seasons we have worked on the league assignment and league filling process for the National League.

The first issue we dealt with was that inactive teams with 0 points could only be exchanged against new teams during the weeks 3 to 9 (mainly because in the first two weeks everyone has 0 points). This meant that, from that moment on, when we filled the leagues up to the beginning of week 3, we weren't able to assign any new users to a league. For this reason we chose in the past to fill the leagues very late, usually on Thursday in week 2. A big downside of this compromise was that teams in the lowest leagues had only 2 days or even less to prepare their first league meeting.

So our first step was to improve this process. We rewrote the tool that exchanges inactive teams for new teams. Inactive teams without athletes won't get any points on the matchdays, so these can be easily exchanged for new teams during the first two weeks once the leagues are completed. Thanks to this improvement we could fill the leagues in week 1 the last two seasons.

The second issue we dealt with was that up to now the lowest leagues had to be filled by hand. That means a Maxi-Operator had to checkmark a bunch of teams and press a button in the so-called league assignment tool for every incomplete league. This was a tedious job, and worse, there had always been the risk that the league filling would be forgotten.

So the main change of this update is that from now on the leagues will be filled automatically. This will happen on Friday morning in the first week, right before the creation of the league meeting calendar. Also from now on the teams in the lowest leagues will have roughly 8 days time to prepare for their first league meeting.

Bug Fixes

We have also implemented some bug fixes over the last 2 seasons. Most recently we fixed the medal list by athlete's nation for individual championships, so that deleted relays don't cause any empty nations with a white flag anymore. And the winning nation in the Hall of Fame now matches the corresponding medal list.
Some older bug fixes are an improved meeting chat, where you can now enter characters like " or ' without losing your message, and the training results tool for Maxitrainer which should now show all skill changes, and the changes of the current week are marked with red.

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