Season 82 - Release notes

(08:00 18-09-2021)
1. Maxitrainers Are Considered Active

From now on we will consider Maxitrainers as active users. That means, as long as your Maxitrainer is active and your club is solvent, you will be safe from any inactivity punishment:

- Your club will stay in the leagues.
- The "Use standard lineup in Youth/National League" options will not be unset.
- Your athletes will not leave your team because of neglect (as long as you can pay them).
- Your club will not be deleted.

This part of the release was already live on Friday morning, that means Maxitrainers have already stayed in the National League, even if they hadn't logged in the last 30 days.

2. Training Retreat for Relays

From now on you can send relays to the training retreat, as long as they fulfill the following conditions:

- The relay consists of at least 4 athletes.
- The relay hasn't been already to the training retreat in the same season.

To calculate the price, we take the 4 athletes with the highest Maxid in your relay, calculate the average Maxid, and multiply it with 0.8.
At the moment, the relay training retreat is only implemented on the relay page.

The development team