Season 81 - Release notes

(08:00 10-07-2021)
The installation of the release is planned on 10th July, ready for the new season 81.

1. Athletes ranking overview (Maxitrainer only)


Background: To evaluate the ranking of each athlete a Maxitrainer could go to each athlete's individual page as see the positions of the athlete in various rankings. Especially when assessing who can go the championships, was very time consuming.

Enhancement: A new tab on the Main team gives an overview of the ranking position of all athletes in the team.
This page has three filters:

a. All seasons/Current season
b. All categories, Juniors, U21 Seniors, Masters
c. Only favourite event: when unchecked, all events with results for the athlete will be shown

2. Highlight training results on athletes page (Maxitrainer only)


From Monday to Wednesday: Skill downs will be marked in orange.
From Thursday to Sunday: Skill that when up will be marked in green or blue (those skills the only went down, will stay in orange).


3. Update of the calculation of the A/B/C standards

These standards are on the Event pages which you can access through the Events item in the menu on the left of the screen. They are now recalculated at every season change so they represent the Favorite Event-filtered world ranking of the previous season. Favorite Event-filtered means, that the algorithm selects only the athletes with 100m as Favorite Event when the world ranking of the 100m is calculated.

The standards now represent the 90th (A), 75th (B) and 50th (C) percentile of this ranking. "90th percentile" means that 10% of the athletes/performances are better, 90% are worse in the case of the A standard. At the moment these standards can only be used to restrict the access to unofficial meetings, but in future these values shall also be used to add some result dependency into the fan system, which shall reduce the fan differences between track athletes and field athletes.

They are calculated for the single events, combined summary events and relays. They are not calculated for the inside combined events (because these are neither relevant for enrolling to a meeting nor for the fans later).

4. Youth league improvements to prevent that teams appear multiple times in the schedule.

From now on we will remove teams from the YL system whose owner hasn't logged in the last 30 days at the season change, like we do it in the National League system. Empty spots in the upper leagues will be filled with additional promoters.

To prevent teams showing up multiple times in the schedule, we have changed the Youth League assignment process:
If you are not part of the youth league, the Join button on the Youth Standard Lineup page will just register you for the youth league system, but not assign you to a league immediately anymore. The actual assignment to a youth league will happen at the next daily update.

5. PHP version is updated and tools were added for the maxi-developers.

The development team