Season 81 – Preview

(08:00 30-06-2021)
Here is a preview of what we plan for the upcoming release on July 11th.

The first two developments were announced last season as potential new features. You can find more details about these in this news message: Season 80 - Potential New Features

1. Athletes ranking overview (Maxitrainer only): This is well on its way to be completed by the season change. To avoid the issue with the screen being too “overcrowded” with numbers, we have decided to introduce an extra filter so that you can chose to either see the rankings of the current season or the global ones (all seasons). A second filter might be added to select one particular category, so you can see the rankings of U21, Juniors or Masters separately.

2. Highlight training results on athletes page (Maxitrainer only)

3. Update of the calculation of the A/B/C standards, so that they represent the world ranking of the previous season. These numbers will be used in a future development to deal with the fan discrepancies between track athletes and field athletes.

4. Youth league improvements to prevent teams appearing multiple times in the schedule. We are also looking at how the system chooses the league and how to clean-up inactive teams. We plan to remove inactive teams from the youth league at every season change.

5. Internal enhancements: PHP version is updated and tools were added for the Maxi-developers.

The development team