Season 80 - Potential New Features

(08:00 13-03-2021)
As previously announced, the development team is evaluating several potential features to enhance Maxithlon. While there are a lot of things we would like to do, we have decided to make a shortlist of items with following things in mind:

• Give our new developers the chance to get familiar with the tools, source code and database
• Therefore first focus on visual enhancements without change to the game-play
• This in order to avoid bugs that could influence the results of the game
• Include a bunch of new features that are available to Maxi-trainers only to increase the value of your payment and to thank you for supporting the costs of the servers and tools

Please rest assured that we continue to analyze other enhancements and we will give you an update when we have enough details.

Besides these features, our programmers are also working on a number of bugs and are continuing the migration to new development tools.

That said, here is a short list of features we want to share with you to get your feedback and suggestions:

1. Highlight training results on Athletes page (Maxitrainer only)

Current situation: As a Maxi-trainer you need to go through the list of training results to check your athletes’ training progresses.

Suggested enhancement: Highlight the latest changes on the Athletes’ overview. We will indicate a skill that went down on Monday morning by highlighting them in orange (left image below). After the training update on Thursday morning, the skills that went up will by highlighted in green, skills that went down and up in the same week will be indicated in in blue (right image below).


2. Easier way to send to training retreat (Maxitrainer only)

Current situation: To send multiple athletes to the training retreat, you need to open the individual pages of your athletes and send them one by one. This is a very time-consuming process and it does not give you an overview of how much you will spend in total.

Suggested enhancement: We will offer you a page where all of your athletes in the main team and their training retreat costs are listed. You will be able to select the athletes you want to send to the training retreat, and you will see the total costs of your selection. And of course you will be able to submit your selection, so that all of your selected athletes go to the training retreat at once.


3. Athletes ranking overview (Maxitrainer only)

Current situation: When you want to evaluate the ranking of each athlete, you need to go to each individual athlete’s page. This is time-consuming and makes it hard to compare athletes.

Suggested enhancement: Group the athletes rankings on one page on a new tab on the Athletes page of the main team.


4. National league filter on rankings

Current situation: It is difficult to evaluate the strength of the athletes of the teams in your league. Athletes can be from different countries or in teams from different leagues.

Suggested enhancement: Add a filter per league to allow seeing only athletes of teams competing in a specific League in a ranking:


The development team