Season 73 - Release Notes

(08:00 28-12-2019)
The installation of this release is planned for Saturday, December 28th, so it will be ready before the season change.

1. Arena Updates

A) Penalty for Too Low Efficiency

Instead of losing stadium parts, from now on you will have to pay a fine if the efficiency is too low when checked. The efficiency check will happen at the financial update, and the fine will be 1/10 of the new instant repair costs. While the number of efficiency checks has decreased from 7 to 1 per week, the probability of getting caught has increased accordingly.

B) Instant Repair Costs

Repairing the arena using groundskeepers should be the normal, and thus the financially most attractive way. To ensure that, the costs for an instant repair of the stadium will now be twice as much as before. Consider the instant repair button as a tool for emergencies. If the efficiency is only a little below the critical value (85% without groundskeepers, groundskeepers reduce that value), it may be still more attractive to hire some extra groundskeepers and risk the possible weekly fines for a while.

C) Downgrade of Arena Parts

From now on you can downgrade all arena parts in a controlled way by entering negative numbers into the work order. The costs for a downgrade are 1/5 of the costs for an upgrade. For seats the downgrade costs are always 20 € per seat.

D) Efficiency Losses After Meetings

The efficiency losses after meetings will stay the same. But they might change at the beginning of season 74.

2. Guide Updates

In the near past we missed to update the guide, and thus some information were outdated or even wrong by now. We have now updated 2.2 Youth sqad, the groundskeepers' part of 2.4 Staff and 2.5 Arena. We also removed now wrong and irrelevant information from 4.2 Combined events.
If you find incorrect information in the guide, you can tell us in the following thread: [DEV] Guide Updates. Please report only problems of the English version of the guide there. For informations that are wrong in your language version but correct in the English version, please contact your local translator.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Claire_Grube, Guyvandamme, Gynnad & Jorginho