Season 72 - Release Notes

(07:00 19-10-2019)
The installation of this release is planned for Saturday, 19th October, so it will be ready before the season change.

1. Stadium and Groundskeepers

From now on the groundskeepers are able to increase the efficiency of your stadium on a daily base. The bigger the stadium, the more groundskeepers you need to get the same effect. And the more groundskeepers you have, the more they increase the efficiency at the daily update. They are also more effective at lower efficiency values.

As an orientation, the wage costs of your groundskeepers should be roughly 1/25 of the instant-repair costs at 87% efficiency to cover the daily efficiency losses. But you might want to hire more of them to cover the efficiency losses after meetings as well.

In season 72 the costs for repairing the stadium via groundskeepers and via instant repair will be roughly equal. But this can change in season 73: The costs for the instant repair will double up, so the efficiency management via groundskeepers is the most attractive method, and the instant repair is just for emergencies. Then we will also replace the losses of stadium parts in case of too low efficiency by a forced instant repair at fourfold costs compared to now.
And as we announced last season: We might also change the efficiency losses at meetings.

2. Limit Check at the Training Update

We got aware that the Back to the youth feature can be misused to train more than 18 athletes with youth bonus. To avoid that in future, the athlete's limits will now also be checked and enforced at the training update. And you can move junior athletes, who fulfill the necessary conditions, back to the youth team only, if there are less than 18 athletes.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Claire_Grube, Guyvandamme, Gynnad & Jorginho