Season 70 - Release notes

(08:00 01-06-2019)
The installation of this release is planned for Saturday, 1st June, so it will be ready before the season change. This release is again rather small and only about fixing problems.

1. Small Enhancements and Bug Fixes

A) Empty Results Bug in Live

Unfortunately the fixing of No athletes were enrolled bug in the live viewer took much longer than expected. We are very sorry for that. But during the last 2 weeks we are finally able to see the results again.

2. Future Development

We are still working on the responsive website as announced in the release notes before. But we are also planning some changes with effects on the game play for the next releases:

A) Arena

We plan to introduce new stadium parts: roof and floodlights. The roof will reduce some of the effects of bad weather. The floodlights will increase the number of spectators you can attract. You will also need them when you apply for hosting official competitions.
We might also rethink the efficiency loss and all its consequences and replace it by weekly maintenance costs, so that the efficiency is always at 100%.

B) Fans

We also want to do something about the observation that athletes in track disciplines have less fans than those in field disciplines at the same skill level. You can expect the following here:

The fan calculation at official meetings will stay as it is. But we will extend the fan correction feature at the training update.
For athletes with participation in at least 5 different official meetings the last 10 weeks, a new fan value will be calculated for the best official result in those 10 weeks. If the actual fan value differs too much from this new fan value, the actual fan value will be moved a little towards the new fan value.
For athletes with less than 5 appearances in official meetings the last 10 weeks, the fan loss will be increased to 5% or maybe even 10%. This is to ensure that the planned feature can't be circumvented by not participating in official meetings.

Expect that jumpers and throwers will have less fans while runners and walkers will have more fans once that feature goes live.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Claire_Grube, Guyvandamme & Gynnad