Season 69 - Release notes

(08:00 23-03-2019)
The installation of this release is planned for Saturday, 23rd March, so it will be ready before the season change. Due to a lack of time this release is again rather small and mostly about fixing problems of earlier releases.

1. Small Enhancements and Bug Fixes

A) Youth League Starters

As announced before, from now on you can only start in the youth league with athletes who were either recruited to your team or who were bought before March 2nd, 2019.

B) Empty Results Bug in Live

If you watched your meetings live in the recent past, you might have seen the message There weren't any athletes enrolled in the event instead of the actual result of the event. Fortunately this was only an optical bug, and it was very likely caused by the combined events that started 1 minute after the events before. To avoid that problem in future, events will start now every 2 minutes.

C) Athlete's Glory Days Page

In the past the Glory days table on the Glory days page of your athletes was sorted first by category (results in certain competitions, records, start of the career) and then by date. This could lead to some strange sorting of the entries, for example from the oldest medals at the beginning to the newest medals at the end, and then the start of the competitive history. From now on all entries are in chronological order, with newest entries at the beginning.

D) Incomplete Lineup Penalty

If you started in certain official meetings with an incomplete lineup, but took part in some combined events, you got more prize money than deserved, because every inside event was counted. This has been fixed now.

2. Future Development

We have already upgraded some software packages we use, and in the near future we will upgrade some further software packages and make improvements on the database server. After that the next big step is to introduce a responsive webpage layout.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Claire_Grube, Guyvandamme & Gynnad