Season 68 - Release notes

(07:00 12-01-2019)
The installation of this release is planned for Saturday, 12th January, so it will be ready before the season change. Due to the Christmas season and bugs from our earlier releases, this release is rather small and consists mainly of small enhancements and bug fixes. And we are working on future major changes, see "2. Future Development" down below.

1. Small Enhancements and Bug Fixes

A) Combined Events Training

To get the combined events smoothly started in season 65, we allowed to train combined events athletes with coaches of other specialties. Now, two seasons after the introduction of the combined events coaches, this temporary solution isn't needed anymore.
From now on you can train combined events athletes only with combined events coaches, or in the case of youth athletes with youth coaches. If your combined events athletes are still assigned to coaches of other specialties, their coach will be unassigned.

B) U21 World Records

We have now included the U21 world records into the World Records List.

C) Economy Chart

Under certain circumstances the chart on the economy page used the wrong data. This has been fixed.

D) Individual National Championships Invitations

Last season the invitations for the best 3 athletes of the national ranking were based on a ranking that didn't contain the already qualified athletes. That means for example, that the 4th of the national ranking got an invitation if the 1st one was already qualified via the Individual Regional Championships. That was wrong and has been fixed.
Only the best 3 active athletes of the national ranking get a ranking-based invitation.

2. Future Development

In the near future we will do mostly optical changes. The first step is to upgrade the server and to improve security and stability. After that we will go for a new responsive web layout.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Claire_Grube, Guyvandamme & Gynnad