Combined events - Part 3 (Season 67) - Release notes

(08:00 03-11-2018)
The installation of this release is planned for Saturday, 3rd November, so it will be ready before the season change.

First we like to introduce a new member to our team. Gynnad has now joined the development team. His tasks are to help with the development and testing process and to improve the communication between development team, staff and users.

1. Combined Events

A) Introduction to All Remaining Meetings

The combined events will be introduced to the individual championships, the club championships and the system-generated regional meetings. From now on the results in the combined events will fully count in all official meetings, that means they will contribute to the final result in the case of National League meetings and club championships, and you can get medals and the full prize money in the case of individual championships.
In the case of club championships the average of the points of the events inside contributes to the final result.

B) Favorite Event

Combined events athletes will be able to get a favorite event. The favorite event bonus will be applied on every event inside, which leads to a better final result.

C) All or Nothing

Since 2 weeks ago the Do not compete option is no longer available for the individual events. Your combined events athletes have to take part either in all individual events plus the event itself or in none of them.
Additionally, if you set the attitude to Do not compete in the event itself, the attitude for each individual event will also be Do not compete and you won't be able to change it.

D) No WR and WRC Prize Money for Individual Events Anymore

From now on you can get the prize money for world records in combined events only for world records in the combined event itself. The world records for the events inside will still be calculated and listed, but they will have only statistical value.

2. Bug Fixes and Small Enhancements

A) Official Events Slots

From now on the number of official events slots for every region will be calculated based on the number of active teams. That means, only teams with a login in the last 30 days will be considered.
Additionally we will introduce an upper limit: The number of official events slots regions can have is at least 1, but above that it can't be higher than the number of teams. We also reduced the demands for countries to get more than 25 official events slots distributed over its regions. Now more than 250 active users are sufficient to get additional official events slots.

B) Incomplete Lineups

The penalty for incomplete lineups in National League meetings,club championships and youth league will be adapted to the new situation with 52 events per meeting in the main squad and 14 events in the youth league. You'll need at least:

- 50 valid results to get the full weekly prize money and TV income from the National League.
- 380 valid results to get the full season end prize money from the National League.
- 50 valid results to get the full prize money from club championships.
- 7 valid results to get the full prize money from the youth league.

C) Some Optical Changes

There will be also some optical changes. For example we will try to get rid of the information overload, which combined events produce on certain pages, by showing only the final result instead of all results.

3. Preannouncement: Training of Combined Events Athletes

2 seasons ago we introduced the possibility to train combined events athletes with any coach available. We are planning to abolish that feature at the end of the season. From season 68 on you can train combined events athletes only with combined events coaches or (in the case of youth athletes) with youth coaches.

4. Reminder: Bug Reporting

We like to remind you all of section 9 of our terms and conditions:

If you notice a bug in the game or see any error, please report it to the Maxithlon Staff (via Contact us form or email: with a detailed description of the problem. We will analyze and solve the problem as soon as possible.
It is absolutely prohibited to take advantage of a bug; if this happens, you will be punished with the immediate disbanding of your Club. You need to report the bug to the operators, as said before: by writing a detailed mail.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Claire_Grube, Guyvandamme & Gynnad