Start of season 64

(08:00 31-03-2018)
A new season will start on Sunday the 1st of April and we assume that after releasing enhancements every season since Easter last year, people expect something new again. But due to several circumstances the development team has decided to postpone the introduction of any new features. First of all, there was the development of internal tools for the translators, to improve the management of the translation of the website. In addition, a lot of time has gone into investigating why a number of automatic tasks were not executed in time or correctly. After extensive research and adjustments, it seems that the causes of these problems have been resolved. This kind of inconvenience is common in the world of software development and was one of the risks of introducing new features in Maxithlon. We hope for your understanding and thank you for your patience.

For the above reasons we will take the time to keep an eye on the automatic tasks, to solve any small bugs, to increase the performance of the system and to complete the combined events (Pentathlon, Heptathlon, Decathlon).

We will continue with the plans to introduce the additional combined events as the next major enhancement. The development is already well on its way and a number of tests have already been carried out. Without any unexpected circumstances we will introduce this novelty in season 65.

What will advance at the start of season 64 is the Youth Competition where the clubs will be divided over the higher divisions next season. From season 64 onwards, the normal system of promotion and relegation will come into effect.

To compensate for the inconveniences over the last few weeks and possible losses due to it, there will be a bonus amount of 150000 for everybody at the start of season 64.

Thanks again for your understanding, cooperation and patience.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Ivanovik, Claire_Grube & Guyvandamme