Kiva - Maxithlon lending team

(08:00 10-02-2018)
Almost 10 years ago, after a Spanish member's death (Costi01), Maxithlon decided to commit itself to support the Kiva project. Since then 25 users supported for a total of 12.500 dollars loaned in 491 loans invested in many microcredit projects in 57 countries. Read on the Kiva website about the impact of the Maxithlon team.

We want to remind everyone who wants to contribute to this initiative to take part in it with little microcredit stocks.

What is Kiva?

Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. It support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

How does Kiva work?

By lending as little as $25 on Kiva, anyone can help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school, access clean energy or realize their potential. For some, it’s a matter of survival, for others it’s the fuel for a life-long ambition.
100% of every dollar you lend on Kiva goes to funding loans. Kiva covers costs primarily through optional donations, as well as through support from grants and sponsors.

How can you help?

1. Register yourself on the web site.
2. It's optional but it is deeply advisable to sign up yourself in Maxithlon's group on Kiva website to let our group grow (
3. You can choose a project to finance with a minimum offering which starts from 25 dollars;
4. You can make your donation with credit card or with PayPal;
5. You will receive a report when the loan will be given to the beneficiary;
6. When the beneficiary starts to earn from his business, he will repay his debt under the established conditions.

Delinquency rate (the numbers of project who default on their debt) is less than 1%, so we believe that Kiva is an excellent organization where you can invest if you believe that microcredit projects are better than the huge funds lavished by the governments or by other organizations.

We hope that many users will join us in this activity.