Youth Squad Release - Part 2

(10:00 20-01-2018)
Following the line of previous releases, this season’s changes are focused on the Youth Squad and the Youth League:

1. Youth League: In this season the real competition starts. One season of competition will be comprised of 10 days of competitions, which will take place every Friday. For some leagues the competition days will be in Thursday to allow the users of the countries of the league a more adequate time to follow the competition.

During week 1 and week 10 the competition will be held at a neutral stadium chosen randomly from the official stadiums of all the regions that belong to the league. For the rest of the weeks, from week 2 to week 9, the competition will be held at the stadiums of the clubs taking part in every group. The stadiums will have attendance of public but the entrance will be free. There won't be any income from TV or similar either.

One day of competition will be composed of 12 events, 6 for the male athletes and another 6 for the female athletes, and there will be only one event for each specialty. The ranking at the end of one day of competition will be calculated in the same way as the national league.
There will be a small weekly money prize depending of the position in the ranking of every club competing in a group.

During an event the athletes competing can lose form, but will never be injured. They will get the same training as any other athlete in the youth, they will not get a favourite event but they can gain experience, although slower than a senior athlete.

In case you haven’t joined a Youth League group yet, you can do so in this page: Youth Squad Standard Line-Up

But what will happen at the end of season 63?

At the beginning of the season 64 all teams in the youth league that have competed in the previous season in a division 5 group will be promoted to higher divisions according to the final ranking of the previous season. In an ideal situation in which all the 16 groups of the division 5 would be filled up, the 16 winners would be promoted to the first division of their league, the 16 second and 16 third clubs would promote to the second division and so on. It is more likely that clubs will be promoted primarily according to their place in the ranking in their group and then according to the final amount of points obtained by the athletes.

2. Youth Squad Athletes Form: Youth athletes competing on the Youth League will change form, according to their attitude in the Youth League and this will work the same way it does for athletes in the main squad. However, when an athlete from the Youth Squad is promoted to the Main Squad, if his/her form is higher than 15, form will become 15 automatically. If form is 15 or less it will stay the same. So if an athlete has form 12 in the Youth Squad and gets promoted to the Main Squad, his/her form will be 12.

3. More coaches, for youth squad athletes: 2 slots for youth coaches will be added. These coaches can only be used for the Youth Squad athletes. These new coaches will have no specialty, so they will be able to train every athlete in the youth squad. They can have up to 4 skills, 2 primary skills and 2 secondary skills, but they won’t be able to train specialty skills. They will be able to train unspecialized athletes.

Youth coaches pulling prices will be the same as pulling a normal coach. However, you can only pull 1 normal coach or 1 youth coach each week. You’ll be able to choose main and secondary skills in the same way as you do with a normal coach.

4. Economic changes: We have included some changes in the economy in this release related to:

a) Revenue from championships: We have balanced the prizes received from club’s or athlete’s final position in a club or individual championships based on nation size.

From now on there will be 6 prize categories (prize money for 1st position) for the Individual National Championships: 35.000€, 30.000€, 25.000€, 20.000€, 15.000€, 10.000€

There will also be 6 prize categories for Club National Championships: 350.000€, 300.000€, 250.000€, 200.000€, 150.000€, 100.000€
In the past it was possible to win the whole prize money just by enrolling 1 athlete into the club championships in some (small) countries. This will change from now on. Incomplete line-ups will reduce the prize money from club championships the same way as they already do for league meetings.

The prize money for the Champions Cup will be increased by 60%. The winner will get 800.000€ from now on. Here also incomplete line-ups will reduce the prize money.

To see the prize money distribution in your country check the Appendix of the Guide.

b) Individual sponsorship: Your sponsors want to see the athletes they pay for compete. So in future contracts they will offer only half the money per week. But they will also offer your athletes an individual TV money for every official meeting they take part in. The individual TV money will be 25% higher than the (new) weekly money.

Effectively that means, that your sponsored athletes have to take part in 8 official meetings to get the same money as with the old system.

We will introduce the individual TV money slowly. Existing contracts stay the same until they expire.

c) End of season NL prize money: The EoS prize money will increase a little compared to the currently existing system. It will also be more balanced.

We will also take your participation in the league into account. To get the full End of Season League prize money you must have at least 350 valid results, otherwise the amount will be reduced. We have added a column with the number of valid results to the league table.

To see the new End of Season Prize Money take a look at the Guide Appendix.

5. Market filter: A market filter to look for athletes that have never competed in the main squad has been added, so now you can search for athletes in the market who never competed and purchase them to put them on your youth squad.

6. Small bug fixes

Go and discuss these new changes in the official federations!

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Ivanovik, Claire_Grube & Guyvandamme