Maxithlon Game Staff Changes

(08:00 10-01-2018)
At the start of a new year we want to take the time to thank all the members of the Maxithlon staff for their efforts. In 2017 for the first in a long time we had a year with more excitement due to new enhancements and changes to the game.

Together with these developments we started reviewing the staff to fill empty places and strengthen the team. We had some new people joining the team and some other have come back after some time. Other staff members continued their good work they have carried out for many years. We cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate these efforts!

We are looking forward to working with them in 2018 and to continue together building on the future of the game we all love.

Happy New year and best wishes for 2018!

We informed you about the different roles for the Maxithlon game staff in our news “Maxithlon game staff” and today we want to give you an overview of the changes to the staff in the last six months.

Content manager Ivanovik (Spain) now has the help of three users to promote Maxithlon in social media. Berci27 (Hungary), Toon95 (Belgium) and Benito_95 (Spain) joined the staff as assistants.

Four new translators have joined the staff:
- Gynnad was promoted to become the new Translator for the Dutch language
- Despilfarro is now Translator for the Latin-American Spanish language to help
- Michallososs became Translator for the Czech language to help Megis
- Demars was promoted to new Translator for the French language to replace Casteller1985

We are also in the process of assigning a new translator for the Russian language.

In case you want to become a translator for your language (especially those untranslated languages) or help existing translators just contact JJL or Guyvandamme.

We regret to announce that RobinAugy (the Netherlands) has asked to stop his maxi-operator function as he does not have enough time to be online. It is sad to lose such an experienced member of staff, but we understand and respect his decision. We hope to see his return when time allows it. Many thanks for the large efforts he has done for Maxithlon!
To strengthen our team of maxi-operators, Ringhio29 (Italy) and Jorginho (Spain) were promoted to maxi-operators.

As the Brazil community is growing, we have promoted Jamnik as the new Operator.
To support the French community Evano was promoted to become a Staff member as Operator for France.
With great pleasure we can announce the return of Crystazul to the Maxithlon staff as the operator for the USA.

We have selected six new moderators to support the official federations:
- Pablogsc was promoted to Moderator for the federation of Brazil
- Guanaco is now our Moderator for the Latin American federation
- DarrellB is the new Moderator for the federation of the USA
- Zisis became Moderator for the federation of Greece
- Niellezzz is Moderator for the federation of the Netherlands
- Veryo62 is now Moderator for the French federation

To strengthen our development team we introduced a new role of Maxi-analyst. This staff member will be involved in a consulting role to analyse suggested developments and changes to rules. At the moment we do not have this kind of separate role, so we will give the Analyst access to the Operator tools, but they will not take any Operator actions. We are pleased to announce that Claire_Grube has accepted the invitation to join us as our first maxi-analyst (there is no need to give him the Operator tasks as we have the perfect operator for Germany already; Danibec is probably our most experienced and active staff member!).

Staff administrator
After three years or 15 Maxithlon seasons, Dcariboni decided six months ago to resign from his position of Staff Administrator due to lack of time. Many thanks to Dcariboni for all the work he did for Maxithlon. He will stay on as operator for Italy, so we can still count on his input and experience.
His position as staff administrator was passed to Guyvandamme who is also part of development team.

You can contact the staff for any query or comment by clicking on the link in the bottom left of your screen: Contact us.

The list of the current staff is available by clicking on the link at the bottom of your screen: Game staff

Kind regards,

The members of the Staff