Staff Hunt

(08:00 05-12-2017)
Maxithlon’s Staff is composed of members who volunteer their time in order to permit the regular development and progress of the game. Currently the game is looking for some Staff members:

- Moderator: We’re looking for a moderator for the recently created Latin American federation. If you’re willing to help and you’re from a Latin American country contact us.

- Translator: If you feel your language is not updated promptly and the news and guide aren’t translated well and you have some free time that you’d like to use to translate the language, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

- Assistants: We’re looking for some assistants to help us manage the game's social media accounts. If you’d like to help or get further information about the tasks involved, contact our Content Manager, Ivanovik.

For further information about becoming a translator or the moderator, please send a message to Guyvandamme or Ivanovik.