Youth Squad Release - Part 1

(08:00 06-10-2017)
To continue the rhythm we started a few seasons ago, we are working hard to get a next release ready by the start of season 62.

Youth squad
The main focus will be on the youth squad. While the main features (see guide: Youth squad) will stay the same, there are a number of changes we plan to introduce:
1. Increase the number of athletes in the youth squad
2. Exclude athletes in the youth squad from the club sponsor calculation
3. Introduce selection criteria when pulling a new youth athlete
4. Exclude the youth squad from the club statistics
Details about the above changes will follow later. These enhancements are a first step towards a competition for athletes in the youth squad in the future (not in season 62 yet!).

Small changes
1. Further enhancements to the relays page
2. Personal ranking for U21 on the athletes page (Maxitrainer)
3. Avoid double invitations on the home page
4. Option to undo an application to a federation
5. Indicate if the athlete is already enrolled in another discipline in the same training week
6. Other small changes and bug fixes.

The development team
Ned, Apolo, Ivanovik, Claire_Grube & Guyvandamme