World records 4x400m

(22:45 08-09-2017)
We investigated why the 4x400 WR's were not at the top of the current all-time rankings and found the following reason. As you can see in this news message: Relays: last update, the relay rankings were reset at the start of season 14 and results from before August 31, 2009 need to be ignored:

The most remarkable change is a general slowdown of all the results of the relays, making them more realistic according to the results (and scores) obtained by athletes in other disciplines. All the relays will be affected in the same way by this change. For this reason, the performance made in the past seasons will not be valid for the purposes of record.

So the correct world records are the first results in the all-time rankings. We will correct the world record marks on the records page soonest.
Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.