Maxithlon game staff

(06:00 20-08-2017)
You might have read about the game staff in the guide or noticed the link at the bottom of your screen. The Staff is composed of members who volunteer their time in order to permit the regular development and progress of the game. Please note that all staff tasks are carried out free of charge and we are very grateful for their help! Mostly the tasks are completed in very limited time, but please be patient if something takes a bit longer, staff members are allowed to take holidays and have a personal life too ;-)
We would like to bring the tasks and staff functions to your attention.

MaxiOperator and Operator
The Operators are those users that ensure the regular carrying out of the game. They evaluate new user and tutor requests, accept or decline these or ask more information. They also have the ability to manage the users' reports and have the task to prevent and solve instances of cheating in the game. MaxiOperators are managing the group of Operators.

MaxiModerator and Moderator
The Moderators are the users that moderate the various national and international boards of the Federations. They stimulate the activity of the boards by creating new threads, so please help them by adding posts. They also have the job of observing the user's' behavior in the Federations ensuring that all behavior follows the game guidelines and rules. MaxiModerators are managing the group of Moderators.

MaxiTranslator and Translator
The Translators are users that deal with the translation of various parts of the game into the language of their competence. These parts include the screen texts, home page news, e-mail messages and game guide. They receive the Italian or English text a few days before publishing. Sometimes we challenge them by giving them very limited time ;-). MaxiTranslators are managing the group of Translators.

The MaxiTutors are not officially part of the game Staff, but they are users that give their experience and their time to new users in their first few weeks of the game.

The Administrator is the one that takes care of the software and of the programming part of Maxithlon.

Developers are working together with the administrator and are in charge of the development and implementation of new code and features for the game.

Content Manager
Content managers can create editorial news about important events within the game and everything else that is necessary for users in the game to be better connected to the behind-the-scene happenings of Maxithlon.

Staff Administrator
The staff administrator is tasked with the overall management of the staff team. This includes hiring of new staff and ensuring staff jobs are handled in a timely and efficient manner.

The staff has their specific federation with boards per role. Besides the specific roles, the staff members also discuss suggestions from the Maxithlon community.

You can contact the staff for any query or comment by clicking on the link in the bottom left of your screen: Contact us.

The list of the current staff is available by clicking on the link at the bottom of your screen: Game staff