Unintended number of fans

(18:00 18-06-2017)
The development team is working on ways to stop managers taking unintended advantage of the calculation method of the fans. Currently we are looking into a solution to correct issues of incorrect gaining of fans and not losing fans. We identified two problems with the number of fans:

1. very young athletes gaining too many fans
2. master athletes keeping too many fans

Before we make any changes to the programs, we created tools for the operators to find cases where the number of fans are not in balance with the salary. The intention is to allow operators evaluating each case and set up rules to apply to those where they think the athlete has an unintended number of fans.
They will evaluate the athletes that at first sight have too many fans and see if one of the above reasons are causing the unbalance. Only if this is the case, the operators can suggest a correction and discuss it in the operators board (similar to Transfer Price Adjustment).

For older athletes who do not lose fans, the operators are now starting the discussions, without adjusting fans, until they can agree on some rules. Therefore Apolo developed a tool to help identifying the cases. We want to announce this plan to the Maxithlon community to allow teams that use these unbalanced numbers of fans in their strategy to adjust their way of playing before we start applying these corrections.

For the cases where young athletes gained too many fans, we decided to take immediate action because these create an unfair sponsor income for teams with these athletes. For these athletes we are adjusting them back to having 2 fans.

The Maxithlon operators