Update from the development team

(18:00 11-06-2017)
HTTPS protocol
Without going into technical details, we can announce that we installed a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. This means that Maxithlon is now using HTTPS, a protocol for securely browsing the web and encrypting information such as passwords entered by users. You might have noticed this secure connection has now "HTTPS" in the address bar of your browser. Browsers like Firefox will no longer tells you that the site is not secure.

New server
The new server is 70% faster than 3 months ago. Page rendering and internal jobs like processing the training of athletes is completed in 70% less time. The switching to the new server came earlier then we planned due to changes imposed by our server provider. As you might have noticed, we had a number of start-up issues. Most of these we could only see when going live within the production environment and Apolo and Ned did a great job correcting most of the reported issues in no time. Well done to both!

Extra release on 1st of June
Most users focused on the problems they found with the new server and there was little or no feedback on the changes we introduced on the 1st of June. We would like to ask you to re-read the news Extra release on 1st of June and give your comments and suggestions in the national and international federations. We are keen to know what you think about the changes.

Mid-summer night release
Due to all the extra work mentioned above, our team will need to review what is still possible to achieve for our next release. Apolo is doing his best to finish as much as possible, but it becomes clear that completing everything we hoped, will not be possible. Most likely the relays will not be ready by the start of the next season, but we will work hard to get all the other items developed and tested as scheduled. We hope you understand and we count on your patience.

Kind regards,

Ned, Apolo, Ivanovik & Guyvandamme