Extra release on 1st of June

(18:00 30-05-2017)
Due to an unexpected change of plans we will be releasing some new changes while changing the servers this Thursday 1st of June. Please note that this is not the complete Mid-summer night release and other changes are still scheduled for the start of the next season.

We plan to include these changes on the 1st of June:

1. Market: Search athletes by MAXID
When searching for an athlete suitable for the level you compete at the moment, you might want to filter on MAXID as a first thing to evaluate the athletes on the market. The MAXID gives a good indication of the wage you will pay. So we hope this will be helpful for many managers.

2. Ranking: option to filter on "Active athletes only"
When looking at all time rankings, a lot of results are by retired athletes. You could select the ranking of the season, but it is not the same, because the athlete possibly has not participated yet in that event in the season, or maybe has just participated on low and you can't see his/her potential. To evaluate the real competitors of today you can now filter the athletes who are still active by checking the tick box to range on "Active athletes only" similar to "show only the best performance of each athlete".

3. Ranking: option to filter athletes by age
In the federations a number of users requested adding an age filter to allow comparing athletes of the same age. We added filters for minimum and maximum age to allow sorting by age at the moment of the result.

4. Arena ranking: add Continent filter
On the main page of an Arena you can see the position of the arena on the world ranking, continental ranking, national ranking and regional ranking. But on the Arena ranking page, it was not possible to select a continent. Because we have Continental championships, continents are now added to the Nation Combo box, similar to the Market page.

5. Market: Imperial units in search
After introducing the Imperial system in the physique of athletes, we have now enhanced the search on the Market to allow entering feet, inches and pounds in the filter fields. We hope this will help the users from USA, UK and others countries who are used to the imperial system.

6. Enabling translations of these texts:
a. Ranking: Names of the 'Continents' in the filter
b. Competitions list: names of 'Type of competition'
c. Header text of 'Relays weekly test' page
d. Header text of 'Recent records' page

Some of the changes required translation. Please note that the Maxithlon-translators were advised at the last moment, so please be patient if the translation in your language has not been completed.

We have received no further comments on the new logo, so we assume "No news is good news" and the community is happy with the work PsymonStark did.

Kind regards,

Ned, Apolo, Ivanovik & Guyvandamme