Interview with Guzzeta of De Tapes

(10:00 26-03-2017)
Hello everyone! Today we have a guest, Guzzeta , the manager of De Tapes, who has won 6 Spanish Leagues in a row, will he be able to win his 7th in a row this season?
Thanks to Chezmo for making the interview possible.

Chezmo: Who is Guzzeta?
Guzzeta: Guzzeta is a player who started his Maxithlon adventure seven years ago and is proud to witness the golden age of the game.

C: How did you start playing maxithlon?
G: I love strategy games, mainly those where long term planning is the key for success. One time I was looking for sport online games and discovered that Maxithlon fits perfectly in this category.

C: How much has the game changed since you started playing?
G: It has changed quite a lot. Economy, meetings, training etc are quite different now, I would say that nowadays is much harder to survive (economically speaking) than years ago.

C: What is your favourite thing about the game?
G: As I said previously long term planning is the most attractive aspect of the game. There is not a single way to play and the challenge (and fun) is to figure out what is the most clever way to proceed in order to reach your goals.

C: What's your biggest challenge with game?
G: Perhaps to win the champions cup but to be honest it has never been, so far, a real target. Let's see in the future.

C: Do you have any tips for new players?
G: This is a long run game. Patience, constancy and good planning (and knowledge of the game) are the key elements to succeed. Do not forget that this is a economy based game and it takes some time to build a solid structure that allows you to make progress.

C: Finally, if there is one aspect about the game you would improve, what is that?
G: New technologies must be introduced into the game and the economy redesigned with new elements and more dynamism in terms of sportive events.