Results of voting for season 49 champions

(15:00 06-08-2015)
Hi all,

after some delay we’re ready to share the results of voting about the season 49 champions. Are you ready to hear the season and voting results? Here we go.

International League: our congratulations to Ballyfin who won the championship for the first time. There are 7 users who trusted in him. Last season’s champion Apex Athletics is rebuilding his squad so he finished 7th.

Italy: after a season’s pause 4pini became a champion by a large margin. Good news for 9 people who gave their votes for this club. Last season’s champion Società Atletica Pellethinaikos finished 6th.

Spain: EL Caim became a champion by gathering the largest number of points possible - 96. And another interesting fact is that he was a champion 15 seasons ago, more than 2 real years in the past! He collected 21 votes in our competition. Club Athletico Abantos who won the championship a season ago has finished 7th.

Poland: Start Słupca retained his title and recieved 31 votes.

Greece: Taxidromoi is the champion of season 49. A big surprise for everyone except for the 6 users who voted for him. Last season’s champion kolimvites has finished 6th.

Belgium: Tnu is the club that has beaten the hegemony of All speed and became a new champion. He recieved 13 votes before the beginning of the season. All speed has won 4 previous seasons, but this year he finished only 2nd.

Czech Republic: AC Moribundus is the second champion who retained his championship. There are 47 people who voted for him.

Germany: the advantage of Clairchens bunter Haufen was too big so he won the championship again - now with 44 votes.

France: Les Rock'n'roll Tigers became a champion of season 49 with 7 votes. Last champion Angers club has finished 6th.

Netherlands: a dark horse club named Bourg D'Oisans runners won the championship for the first time in its history. Only 4 users expected it, according to the number of votes. Last season’s Mdtt has finished 2nd.

Portugal: Live2Play is the champion of the season 49 with 20 votes. Previous champion Funkart has finished right behind the new one.

USA: our congratulations to Memento club that won the championship for the 10th time in a row! He also recieved the largest number of votes - 70.

So, as you can see, we have a lot of new champions. It was really hard to guess a lot of correct winners, but we have a competition winner of season 49 who predicted 7 winners properly. It is Unione Sportiva Fermana. In addition, we have 3 club owners who predicted 6 winners - Cool Breeze, All speed and ATHENA Nike. But as you remember, there are only 3 prizes in total, so with the help of we selected 2 other winners. And the free months of Maxithlon are going to All speed and ATHENA Nike.

There are 8 users who predicted 5 winners: Loughborough Harriers, VC Poederlee, Team 013, Fc Franky, Guanacos, Lk Bottrop 91, Kaijon Urheilijat and Kellys Corkers.
27 users managed to guess 4 winners: Starfleet Academy, The Dragons, Clairchens bunter Haufen, Atlético Gaiense, TJ Újezdec, TJ Sušice, FC Seumas, sprinterteam, Jersey Titans, Plc, F.A.S. Torreès, Celtic Wolves, Chośebuz, SG Stavbar Nitra, High Flyer, Apex Athletics, Kenya Runners, Club Atletisme Birrafets, GatPact, Atpkerry, Athletic club Azzurra Nap..., FC Seumas, Atletica Marconi, Vencedores, De TufTufClub, Paso Team and Nike Oregon project.
Another 22 users predicted 3 winners: NACucujaes, LG Eintracht, mcmoe power, TJ Start Havířov, AK VIGO Drnovice, Associazione sportiva "Vi..., Batafieu Olympique, Höttur, K2k team, Quantum TC, atl giglio d'oro, Atletico Soleo, Andrew United, Vk78, Atletica Pollo, Ballyfin, shinigami, Mammoth, elsalvador5, TSV Helmstedt, AC Loemek and Real Mordo.
13 more users predicted 2 users: Þristur, MKL Warka, SóLamento, AC Litrpůl, Bourg D'Oisans runners, Speed Inc., _Lviv_, Red Eagles, baboom, Center of Universe, Vaulting Locust AC, Les Nyctalopes and Les Nyctalopes.
And 14 users managed to guess 1 winner: Kaminia, Gira Sol, Floga, GS Diavoli, Libertarians Iglesias, aspes, Artica, Espartilleros, Nerón Campeón, Real Betis Balompie, jesus walks atletica, Javelin Team, FC eversel and .

Full table with voting results can be found here.

We congratulate Uauiue, Jonasvds and O.paradiso. They’ll receive their prizes shortly. By the way, the last user was a winner of the voting competition of season 48, so it seems like we have finally found Maxithlon's Oracle ;)

Thanks to all of you for the participating in Voting competition!