Season 78 - New stadium graphics and features

(08:00 12-12-2020)
For the upcoming season, season 78, we will use new graphics on the stadium page, and we will introduce two new features to build in the stadim: lights and cover. The game update is planned to happen on Saturday, December 12th.

New stadium graphics

The graphics that we use on the stadium page to represent how our stadiums look have been updated, thanks to the graphical skills of one of our managers, Marce. In some aspects maybe you will not note a big difference, in some others you will clearly see that the graphics are different. We just wanted to make a renewal of this page, and we did what we could. Thanks to Marce for the great work you have done!

We also took this opportunity to add something new to the stadium, and I am not talking only about the graphics. The new additions are two new items that you all will be able to build for your stadium: the cover and the lighting.

The cover

From now you will be able to have a cover over your stadium. There are two types of covers depending on the stadium's capacity or number of seats.

- Below 10.000 seats, it is not possible to build a cover.
- Between 10.000 and 40.000 seats, it is possible to build a half cover.
- Over 40.000, we can build a full cover.

There are two different types of half cover, the concrete one and the steel one. There is no difference between them other than the graphical appearance. However, we have just one kind of full cover, that you can paint with the same colour of the lanes of your stadium.

Stadiums having any kind of cover will have the same benefit: the cover reduces the inconveniences of bad weather, making more appealing for spectators to come to watch the events taking place in your stadium. The number of spectators will increase. However, this protection against the bad weather that the covers provide will not have any effect on the results of the events.

The lighting

You will able to install artificial lighting in your stadium. The amount of lights is measured by its electrical power, expressed in kW. The maximum electrical power that a stadium can have is 1200 kW. Artificial lighting increases the interest of spectators to attend the meetings and championships that take place in your stadium. Therefore, the lightning increases the attendance.

Starting from season 80, lights will be required to host official competitions in your stadium. The minimum power required will depend on the level of the competition, according to this table:

- 25 kW: regional competitions
- 75 kW: national competitions
- 150 kW: continental youth and masters competitions
- 300 kW: senior continental and world youth and masters competitions
- 600 kW: global senior competitions

For more details, check the guide update at sections 2.5 Arena and 5.1 How to organize a competition.