Season 71 - News from the Dev Team

(08:00 10-08-2019)
New Content Manager

We like to introduce a new member to our team. Jorginho has now joined the development team as content manager. In addition to his excellent work as Maxi-Operator, he will take care of communications and also keep the guide up to date.

Stadium Plans

This season there will be no release. So there will be no changes on the stadium. The floodlights and the roof have to wait at least another season. But we would like to become more concrete about our plans to change efficiency and groundskeepers.

Efficiency and Groundskeepers

As a first step we want to give the groundskeepers the ability to increase the efficiency at the daily updates. If you hire enough groundskeepers, this daily increase will be higher than the daily decay, resulting in a daily net increase of the efficiency. At this stage the costs for repairing via groundskeepers will be roughly the same as using the instant repair.

Penalty for Too Low Efficiency

One season later, the next step will be to establish the groundskeepers as the normal way to keep your stadium in shape. The instant repair of the stadium will still be possible, but we will double up the costs, so that hiring groundskeepers is more attractive. 

If the efficiency is too low at the daily update, you won't lose stadium parts anymore. Instead your stadium will be forcefully repaired to 100% at the 4-fold costs compared to now.

Efficiency Loss After Meetings

We may also rethink the efficiency loss after meetings. At the moment the stadium loses 1% after National League meetings, but 5% after unofficial international meetings. In our opinion it should be the other way around: National League meetings are more important and attract a lot more spectators, thus the efficiency loss should be 5%. For unofficial meetings we have an efficiency loss from 1% for regional meetings up to 3% for international meetings in mind.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Claire_Grube, Guyvandamme, Gynnad & Jorginho