Combined Events - Part 3 (Season 67) - Preview

(12:00 21-10-2018)
This is a preview of what is going to be on the next release, scheduled for Season 67. More details will be given once the release is launched.

1. The combined events will be introduced to all remaining types of meetings. The results in the combined events will fully count, that means they will contribute to the final result in the case of National League meetings and club championships, and you can get medals and the full prize money in the case of individual championships.

2. The penalties for incomplete lineups in National League meetings and club championships will be adapted to the new situation with 52 events per meeting.

3. Combined events athletes will be able to get a favorite event. The favorite event bonus will be applied on every event inside.

4. From next season on the number of official events slots for every region will be calculated based on the number of active teams instead of all teams.

5. Some small changes.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Claire_Grube, Guyvandamme & Gynnad