Partenariat avec My Racing Career

(12:00 29-09-2018)
Nous annonçons aujourd'hui notre premier partenariat avec un autre jeu online sur navigateur. Pour la première fois de l'histoire de Maxithlon, nous avons passé un accord avec notre nouveau partenaire My Racing Career afin de nous promouvoir mutuellement.

I introduce you to, the online Formula 1 manager game. My Racing Career is a realistic, browser-based online motorsport manager game where you take the role of a formula racing driver. You will start your career in a low formula series similar to the Formula 3 series, but after a successful season you will get offers from better series. The highest is Formula 1, but there will be special series you will be able to take part in similar to Porsche Supercup, DTM, IndyCar, NASCAR or MotoGP.

Manage your driver, prepare him for the races, set training, purchase cars, hire employees, sign sponsors, win series and fight for glory.
The game is free to play, however there is possibility to buy extra functions which improves game experience but does not affect player`s in game success.

My Racing Career is a free online motorsport management game where you take the role of a formula racing driver. This means, that you have to create and develop your own driver and cannot simply buy any random driver from the market. But of course you are also responsible for team management tasks like taking care of driver's employees, sponsors, training and all other important elements of a real driver career.

Your driver will start with the Formula 3 cars in one of the Official Series or the Rookie Series. The first goal is to get good results in order to climb up the ranking ladder, so your driver has the chance to get better sponsoring contracts for next season and to be promoted to better motorsport series. After first successful steps you will get a chance in more prestigious series like the Formula 2. But at any time you can change the path of your driver´s career.

Unlike other racing management games, My Racing Career gives you the opportunity to try new car types and series. The American Formula series (Indy) is very popular and attracts many drivers. You can either join one of the minor Indy Junior Series (USA or International) or participate in the major Indy Series. Also you can join the Stock Car Series with three different manufacturers. The Gold Cup Series is the top league in the Stock Car segment, but minor series are also available for inexperienced drivers.

The Formula 1 is the ultimate goal of any racing driver and in My Racing Career you will be able to experience Formula 1 like never before in any other management game.

What makes My Racing Career so unique is the fact that you can choose from over 50 different series, compete in more than 150 different tracks and race against numerous competitors from over 130 different countries. The game is already available in 27 different languages. It also includes a fun 2D simulation of your qualifications and races. Another astonishing implementation is the introduction of private cars. You can buy your driver a private ride and let him race in private tournaments. This creative way of upgrades defines the spirit of the game and clearly separates My Racing Career from its competition. The active and helpful community presents another cornerstone of My Racing Career.

My Racing Career wants to grow in a healthy way and will implement new series when necessary. This means that you will never face empty and uninteresting series. Your driver will be able to join interesting series like DTM, V8 Super Cars, WTCC, the Porsche Super Cup or MotoGP series. Your driver will also be able to help your country to do well in the Nations Cup.

Besides, My Racing Career has been winning some awards along the years: OnlineSportManagers Best Game of the Year 2016, OnlineSportManagers Best MotorSport Game of the Year 2016, OnlineSportManagers Best MotorSport Game of the Year 2015, OnlineSportManagers MotorSport Best Game of the Year 2014, OnlineSportManagers MotorSport Best Game of the Year 2013, OnlineSportManagers Best Game of the Year 2012, OnlineSportManagers Best MotorSport Game of the Year 2012, OnlineSportManagers Best Game of the Year 2011 and OnlineSportManagers Best MotorSport Game of the Year 2011,

Take the opportunity and join a fabulous online racing management game. Don´t hesitate and start your own racing career today.
Create your driver account now to build your game experience and have fun.