Issues with automatic tasks

(19:00 16-03-2018)
Apolo and Ned worked hard to find a solution to the troubles we had this week. After monitoring a number of the automatic tasks over the last two days, it looks like the system is stable again (weekly tests, invitations for international championships, ranking, Wednesday's competitions, Youth competition, ...).

While there might be a few minor issues as a result of the restore and missed automatic tasks on Monday/Tuesday, the database is in reasonable shape and there is no reason to go back to a situation of weeks ago. We hope users while share our feeling this is a very good thing.

We want to explain to the Maxithlon community that we are aware that there were some things missed earlier this week caused by the server problems and that this was "force majeure". Currently we do not plan trying to fix these items by programming, as there is always a risk to cause other faults.

Looking at some of the known issues, we suggest following solution:

1. Missed skill down (negative training on Monday morning): this is a benefit for the older athletes, so we do not expect users complaining about that ;-)

2. Missed payment or receipt of transfer money during the restore of the backup: users they can report these and the operators can correct the budgets manually

3. Missed individual sponsor money: same as above: operators to correct after report by user

When you want to report one of the above items, please use the link Contact us which you find in the bottom left of your screen.

Many thanks to Apolo and Ned for their efforts!