Change in Youth League's Global Classification

(21:00 28-02-2018)
When the Youth League was introduced we set criteria to determine how to place the teams in which level of the National League they would be sent to in S64 according to the following:

1. The position of the team on its league group.
2. The amount of points of the team
3. The event points
4. The date of enrollment in the Youth League

However, after observing some issues that we think would make this system unfair we have decided to make a change.

It is mainly because of the following issues that we have decided to change the system:

- New groups being added in the middle of the season, which will make some new teams, competing in groups in which less clubs (having it easier) will have the chance to get to the 1st level just because they are in a new group.

- The amount of inactive teams in some groups makes it easier for the clubs on those groups to end up in higher league levels next season, and also the fact that almost all the most active teams joined the first groups of each league, which make these groups way more competitive than other groups, and that also has its effect on teams earning less points and event points and placing them lower in the classification.

So, after considering and discussing which will be the most balanced system that would prevent the problems mentioned above and also would make the teams that most deserve it (due to the quality of their Youth Squad) end up on the highest levels of each league next season, the new system will be:

1. Performance points of the team. (Those linked to the results of athletes). You can find them on Youth League > Statistics > Club – Points – All > Total Column
2. Number of meetings the team took part in.
3. Youth League joining date.
Sorry for the modification and for those teams that might be adversely affected by this new system.

The development team.