What will come in Maxithlon's future?

(16:00 23-02-2018)
Considering your responses related to how we announce changes and releases, we’ve decided to announce what is going to be coming in the near and far future and give you some information about it.

Already implemented:

- Include relays on the medal tables, as it was something that was forgotten when we introduced the relays on the individual championships. It has been included in the Youth Squad Release – Part 2, when we had the time, so from now on relays’ medals will be shown on the medal tables.

Short-term changes

- Heptatlon/Decathlon: The introduction of these events in the game is scheduled for season 64, it is supposed to be introduced step by step (in a similar process as the Youth League was). However, it might be delayed in case we experience any kind of problems during the development of the task.

- We’re working on changes for staff members, as we also need to improve some tools that we currently have, so we would appreciate your understanding as we devote some time to these kind of changes too.

- Small enhancements to the game.

Medium/Long – Term Changes:
These ones are changes that we have in mind and will get done but are not scheduled to be included next season although they could take place in a couple of seasons or sometime later. (Please understand that this will also depend on timing, our spare time to plan, decide, discuss, develop and test it and that some of what is mentioned below might never happen or be delayed for some time.)

- Fans system. There is a discrepancy between track and field disciplines as jumpers and throwers usually have more fans than runners and walkers at similar skill levels. That’s a big economical problem in our opinion and we plan to change it. But first we have to think a lot before making a decision about how we’re going to change it. Please, expect that in the future throwers and jumpers will have less fans while runners and walkers will have a bit more, so that we get a balance.

- Fidelity factor: We will consider making changes to the fidelity factor, so that you can do at least some transfers in a short time after a longer period without transfers without suffering a big loss of sponsor income.

- Stadium maintenance: We’ll consider changing the actual system to avoid bigger losses on the stadium by replacing maintenance for a weekly maintenance fee, leaving efficiency always at a 100%. You will also be able to reduce your stadium in a coordinated way by entering a negative number into the work order. At the moment you can reduce your stadium only by waiting until the efficiency is below 85% and hoping that the system chooses the right parts and the right amount.

- Changing an athlete’s nationality: This task has been taken into consideration, but we don’t know if it will ever be included as it needs much more discussion to avoid possible ways of cheating.

- Economic changes: We’re considering new changes related to the economy, however these won’t be included in season 64, and once we have discussed them further we’ll announce them at least one season before applying them to the game. Among these possible changes there is the rethinking of NL hosting income in order to avoid teams without athletes earning money from an event and saving it without competing during a season.

The development team,

Ned, Apolo, Ivanovik, Claire_Grube & Guyvandamme