Youth Squad Release - Part 1

(08:00 11-11-2017)
1. Changes related to the Youth Squad
This is the main focus on the release. The youth squad will keep its main features, although we’ve included some changes.
A) Increase the number of athletes on the youth squad from 5 to 15. From now on, you’ll be able to have a maximum of 15 athletes on your youth squad.
B) The athletes on the youth squad have been separated in the statistics, so now on your club’s statistics page you will find 3 different columns, one for all your athletes, another one for the ones on the main squad, and the last one with the statistics of the athletes on your youth squad.
C) Athletes on the youth squad have been excluded from the fans calculation, they will also have no influence on the sponsor income anymore.
D) Now when looking for a new athlete on the Youth Squad section you will be able to scout for an specific type of athlete by selecting the main skills and/or the gender of the new athlete. The selected skills will be the best skills but this doesn’t guarantee that the athlete you pull is a good quality one. This new system will work through points, and of course it will be more expensive to scout for an specific type of athlete or select the gender than pulling one randomly. At the beginning of the week you will have 8 points. A totally random youth pull will cost you 2 points. Every specification will cost you 1 additional point. You can still pull 4 youth athletes without any specification (4x 2 points), but you can pull for example only 2 youth athletes with 2 specifications (2x 4 points).
E) Option to move bought juniors to the Youth Squad. This has a few rules:
- Only a junior athlete from your club’s nationality will be able to be moved to the Youth Squad.
- The athlete can’t have been enrolled in a competition in the main squad, which means that the athlete must never have competed.
- If the athlete comes originally from your club this is free, otherwise it will cost 6 points of your \"Look for young athletes\" points and the according amount of money.

For more information, please read the text on the Look for young athletes page

At the start of season 63 a competition for athletes on the Youth Squad will be developed (without clear specifications yet).

2. Relays improvements:

A) Relays page: We’ve made some changes to the relays page to improve its design and appearance.
B) Adjustments to the relays: We will not block relays for changes after an invitation to an event anymore.
C) Bug Fixes related to the age of relays shown.

3. Small Changes:
A) Latin American Federation: An official Latin American federation has been created for the users of all the Latin American countries, in a similar way as the INT (International Federation). New and existing users from these countries will automatically be assigned to this federation. Sebastian.27 will be the first administrator and moderator of the federation.
B) Reducing Stadium Upgrade Costs at Low Levels: The current price of adding an extra seat is 100 €, we’ve changed this relation to encourage new clubs and make it easier for them to add seats to their arena, we introduced lower prices for the smallest arenas. This will help new and small clubs to increase their income. Now this is the price for seats:
00001 – 05000 seats: 50 €
05001 – 10000 seats: 75 €
10001 – 100000 seats: 100 €
Also, the Fixed cost of starting an upgrade has been reduced to 20000 € for everybody
C) Incorrect Login: When you mistype your password, a small message will appear notifying you.
D) The list of pages on the Support Maxithlon Page have been changed, pages that didn’t work have been replaced.
E) Avoid Double Invitations
F) Personal ranking for U21 athletes (MAXITRAINERS): This will work in the same way as it works for Junior and Master athletes, at the end of the athlete page you’ll see the placement on the rankings applying the Sub21 criteria.
G) Remove application to a federation: Now it will be possible to remove an application for a federation, so users, especially those without Maxitrainer will be able to remove that application and apply to another federation.
H) Confirmation when restoring an Arena: From now on when you try to restore/repair your arena there will be a confirmation button in case you pressed it accidentally.
I) Marked enrolled athletes on the event entries page: When an athlete is already enrolled in another event it will be shown coloured orange (until now we had green for an athlete that has competed that week, grey for the ones who didn’t and yellow for those who competed on an event which wasn’t of his/her specialty)
J) Next season for candidacy on the Arena’s page: A message will be displayed on the candidacy page on the arena when you are able to apply again for candidacy for an official event.
K) Small changes such as: Show user ID tag on the user page, show links in text in different colour and/or underlined.
L) Bug Fixing.

4. Economy changes: For further information have a look at Maxithlon Guide:Appendix in the prizes section.
A) League income: We have increased the value of the league in order to benefit active teams and increase the amount of profit teams can earn, also we’ve considered that we should penalize low participation rates.
- TV income will increase.
- Weekly prize money will depend on the number of league levels.
- Weekly prize will increase.
- Incomplete lineups will reduce the TV and the prize money. The less valid results you have, the less the league income will be.
B) Club Sponsor Income: There will be also some changes in the club sponsorship money
- Club sponsors will behave differently. We consider a team with at least 44 athletes as complete, and this will be reflected in the new club sponsor formula. Especially teams with less than 30 athletes might experience a severe loss which can't be compensated by the increased league income.
- Club sponsor income will decrease. But in most cases the increase of the league income will be higher than the decrease of club sponsor money.

The development team
Ned, Apolo, Ivanovik, Claire_Grube & Guyvandamme