How the 'Support Maxithlon' Page Functions

(10:00 01-10-2017)
This piece of news is related to one of the changes included on the ‘Back to School’ release some weeks ago.

We have noticed that some users haven't understood how it works, and maybe others didn’t even notice that you can earn money for your team by using it; so we have decided to explain how it works so everyone knows about its existence and benefits by earning money for their teams and at the same time you help promote Maxithlon.

The Support Maxithlon page is located on the lower part of every page on Maxithlon, on the section ‘Maxithlon’, next to ‘Help’, and it’s the first link right there.

Once you access the page you’ll see some sections. The section that you can use to earn money is the ‘Vote for Maxithlon’ section, where you’ll see a small explanation of how you can earn money.

There’s a list of pages where you can vote for Maxithlon. You can do this once every day, and in doing so you’ll earn a point per page that you can trade for 100€/$/the currency you use. You’ll have to put together at least 50 points to trade them for the money.

The proper way to vote and ensure that your vote counts, and you earn the point is by doing the following: Open the page by clicking on it with the left button of your mouse (not by opening it in a new tab), then, without exiting the page, a new tab with the page you selected will be opened immediately on your browser. Once you vote you will earn the point.