Mid-Summer Night 2017 release

(18:00 25-06-2017)
We are pleased to announce the changes that will become effective on the first day of season 60. Some of the small changes planned for this release were already done on the 1st of June. Now we plan a next release with these modifications:

1. Change to the invitations for national championships: additionally invite the top 20 of the regional championships
The invitations for Individual National Championships will now work in a similar way as the selections in the Regional club championships (see Invitation to the Club National Championships starting on next season). Besides the athletes qualifying based on Official event slots of each region, athletes will be invited to the National Individual Championships when they are in the top 20 of the results of all Regional Championships of the nation. Athletes scoring in the top 20 will not get a prize for the invitation to the National Championships, unlike the athletes invited based on the official event slots per region.

2. Athlete's Experience Statistics
Currently Maxitrainers get an overview of an athlete's skills development. From the beginning of season 60 the system will start recording changes in Experience too and will show this on the same page. Unfortunately the system did not record the Experience changes in the past and it will not be possible to display this historic data.

3. Fixes to misbalances in the economy/fans
We made changes to stop these two issues:
- unintended gain of fans when enrolling multiple athletes of one club in one event
- Athletes not losing fans because they do not compete or are only enrolled in events with no competitors

a. No more fans gain or loss in unofficial meeting
We decided to no longer re-calculate the fans based on unofficial meetings (regional, national, continental and international meetings organized by the clubs). The number of fans after these competitions will neither increase or decrease.

b. Reduce fans for athletes that do not compete
To stop athletes having too many fans when not competing or when they are only enrolled in events with no competitors, a new system will reduce fans for athletes that do not have results in official meetings (national league, club and individual championships). During the training night athletes that have no results in at least five meetings in the last ten weeks will lose two percent of their fans. Fan loss will be no more than two fans.

To help managers seeing which athletes need to be enrolled in an official event to avoid losing fans, the number of official meetings an athlete attended in the last ten weeks will be displayed at the right on the athlete's page, next to the training indicator for each athlete. If the number is less than five, it will be displayed in red.

Together with the above changes, the number of fans was adjusted for athletes with too many unintended fans during the last week of season 59. The salaries of the athletes with adjusted fans will be recalculated on Sunday, so these wages will reflect the new number of fans.

4. Do not show participants when set to "Do not compete"
When athletes were enrolled in a meeting and then set to “Do not compete”, they were still visible in the events. This led to confusion and other managers not enrolling their athletes in those meetings. From now on when an athlete’s attitude is set to “Do not compete”, the athlete will not be visible anymore to other managers.

5. Market > Market statistics
On the Market page there is a tab to access ‘Market statistics’. We have now added a text to explain the content of the tables. See: Market statistics

6. Banner images made visible
For some time the images in our ‘Support Maxithlon’ page were not visible. We have now fixed this and you can see the old images again. See: Support Maxithlon

7. Enhancements to the shortcut keys
Now it is possible to choose in your profile account settings the keys you prefer to use as shortcut keys. Besides, the possibility of using shortcut keys has been extended to several more menus and pages.

As announced earlier, due to some unplanned work with the change to the new server, unfortunately we have to postpone the enhancements to the relays and we will move this to our next release.

Ned, Apolo, Ivanovik, Guyvandamme