Interview with Andrew32, manager of Andrew United

(16:00 28-04-2017)
Hey everyone! Today we have with us a special guest, Andrew32, the manager of Andrew United, winner of the last 2 Golden Leagues

Chezmo: What do you do in real life?

Andrew32: Hi, Chezmo!
Better late than never!

My professional activity is associated with the magic world of watches. I'm selling and repairing watches, including old antique watches to modern complicated timepieces. My family owns several antique and watch shops in Riga.

C: What has kept you playing Maxithlon after all these years​ and after all the success you have had?

A: I can always find motivation to continue playing Maxithlon even after all these years​ (Champions Cup, Word Records, Olympic gold medals...).Also it would be a shame to abandon my club after all the work I've done.
Many thanks to Gerkelly for the tense struggle and dramatic spectacle at the end of last season.

C: How hard is to build a golden league winning team?

A: It is not a secret to anyone who wants success in such strategy games as Maxithlon, that it is necessary to follow your chosen long term plan, carefully read the forum topics and have a lot of patience.

C: What has been your proudest moment as a manager?

A: It's hard for me to choose my proudest moment, perhaps, it is still ahead.

C: What you hope to achieve in the immediate future?

A: In the coming season, the Olympic Games will take place. And I will try as hard as is possible to successfully take part there.

Best Regards

Thank you for agreeing to our interview and continued success in the future.


Thanks for this beautiful piece of insight. It's been fun, join on us on our next instalment.