Easter changes release

(07:00 09-04-2017)
Many of you are surely thinking about what has happened to the new development team. Actually the project is alive and well, even if its development has suffered a slowdown due to several reasons, some of a personal nature. After some time of silence the Maxithlon staff is now pleased to announce we are working on new developments. From the various federations we have collected a long list of suggestions for new features and enhancements to existing modules. Several of the requests are under investigation and the development team is discussing how to approach the wish list. Rest assured that your ideas are looked at carefully and consequences on the game play experience and the economy are evaluated.

Unfortunately many of the interesting ideas are time consuming to analyze, specify, develop and test. Therefore it was decided to make a first release since a long time which will include a few minor changes just to show that development is taking place. While we realize some people might expect much bigger changes, we hope that you will understand that we don’t want to take any risk of breaking the system. You all will agree that having a bug-free and stable system is very important (Maxithlon was almost 100% on line for the recent years, which might sound more obvious than it is!).

To give a positive sign we plan to release an Easter version at the start of the new season 59. It will only include a few small changes but we hope you will see this as a new start to Maxithlon development. Once we have a clearer view on what’s involved in other developments, we will open threads in the official federations and hope you will all be keen to discuss potential new features.