New server and some changes

(15:00 29-10-2016)
It is with great satisfaction we announce that Maxithlon Staff IS BACK TO MOVE FORWARD on new developments!! -

After some time without news, Maxithlon has come back to strive to create a more pleasant and fun environment for users, the Maxithlon team apologizes to players and now the development team is working hard so that players can be happy to have more delightful experience with the game.
The staff has been reformed to meet the growth needs of Maxithlon, so the game is growing too!.

One new feature is the updated server. To improve the environment for all, Ned has upgraded the server. Now it is 5 to 6 times larger and faster than the old one!!

Below you can see the technical detail and speed:
New server enviroment:
32 GB ram
8 core - 3.5 ghz

The Maxithlon Team is very happy and everyone is working hard in the development of the game engine, more graphics and a fast responsive front end.

The Maxithlon Team thanks all for their patience and collaboration.